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By Samir Desai and Rajani Katta (ISBN # 9781937978013)


Did you know that the medical school interview is the most important factor in admissions decisions? What can you do to achieve maximum success during the interview?

In 2011, the AAMC published a survey that evaluated the importance of 12 variables on admissions decisions. The interview was rated the most important factor.

"High grades and/or MCAT scores alone are never enough," writes the LSU Shreveport School of Medicine. "For those interviewed, impressions from the personal interview are exceedingly important."


What does it take to impress a medical school interviewer? We review the data on the decision-makers. What do these interviewers care about? We review the data on the criteria that matter to them? How can you convince them that you would be the right "fit" for their school? We provide concrete, practical recommendations based on this data.

Our recommendations are based on data from a full spectrum of sources. We have scoured the research on medical school admissions and discussed the interview process with deans and admissions committee members to give you the detailed information needed to deliver compelling answers to interview questions.

How can you best prepare for the MMI, group interview, panel interview, and behavioral interview? What qualities would make applicants less likely to be admitted? What personal qualities are most valued by admissions faculty?

In our book, you'll find the answers to these questions and much more. Learn how to develop the optimal strategy for interview success and gain that extra edge.

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