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Choosing a publisher to bring your book to life can be very difficult. You want to select a publisher with a proven track record for success who is committed to helping you reach your goals. At MD2B, we make every effort to understand your goals, and work with you closely to make your vision a reality. We recognized that authors have varying needs, and we adapt our approach accordingly.


Authors and publishers share one common goal - the book's success. To accomplish this goal, there must be a strong author-publisher relationship built on trust. It's the publisher's responsibility to provide the author with the resources needed to overcome the challenges of the writing and publishing process. A good publisher should offer support and encouragement as well as constructive criticism when needed.


Why are we known to be such an author-friendly company? It's because our Founder and President, Dr. Samir Desai, was once just an author himself. Having been an author, he understands the concerns authors have when working with publishing companies. Now as a publisher, he makes it a point to never lose sight of what it feels like to be an author. 


Authors who choose to partner with us will benefit from:



  • Proven track record of success. Although we're a relatively young publishing company, in a relatively short period of time, we've sold over 200,000 books worldwide.

  • Reputation for excellence. Our resources have been designated recommended reading by such organizations as the Association of American Medical Colleges and American Medical Women's Association.

  • Established relationships we have with leaders in medicine. Book we've published have been adopted as required or recommended texts by many of our nation's medical schools, physician assistant programs, and nurse practitioner programs. 

  • Close working relationship with Dr. Samir Desai, who will guide you through this process and help you build an author platform to maximize the chances for your book's success.



We hope that you will consider us as you make this very important decision.



Contact us so that we can set up a phone appointment for you with Dr. Samir Desai.

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