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About Us

MD2B is committed to developing high quality information for health care providers and students.  Founded in 2003, the company is widely recognized for the development of innovative products focusing on solutions and strategies in the areas of patient care and academic success.

MD2B initially started as a publisher of medical books but has now grown to also offer specialized consulting services to health care professionals. We offer expert one-on-one consulting services to U.S. medical students and residents as well as international medical graduates through The Successful Match website. We've helped hundreds of medical school, residency, and fellowship applicants reach their professional goals. 

Learn more about our books and consulting services.


Medical Schools

MD2B resources are widely used by faculty educators in courses and clerkships across the United States and Canada.


Two of our resources - The Successful Match and Medical School Scholarships, Grants & Awards have been named high value resources by the AAMC Group on Student Affairs.


Our resource Clinician's Guide to Laboratory Medicine is considered one of the best books of all time by Medical Media Review. 


Physician Assistant Programs

Recognizing the importance of lab test interpretation, the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants identified the selection and interpretation of “appropriate diagnostic or lab studies” as a key competency for physician assistants.


Our resource, Clinician’s Guide to Laboratory Medicine: Pocket, was written to help students interpret lab tests. Unlike other resources, this book offers a step-by-step approach to lab test interpretation, ideal for learners who are unsure of the next step in the evaluation of an abnormal lab test.

Nurse Practitioner Programs

Our resource Clinician's Guide to Laboratory Medicine offers a step-by-step approach to lab test interpretation. Over the years, our book has been widely used by nurse practitioner programs. 


The American Nurses Credentialing Center has listed our book as one of the texts used to develop the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certification examination. Our book has also been used to develop test items for the Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner Exam.


Contact Us


PO Box 300988, Houston, Texas 77230

Tel: 713-927-6830


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